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The Definitive Guide to Unconventional Kimono Souvenirs in Japan: From Sneakers to Home Decor

Japan, the land of the rising sun, is not only famous for its rich history and culture but also for its fascinating blend of old and new. For those who admire the elegance of kimonos but aren't interested in owning a full set, there's a diverse selection of souvenirs made from kimono fabric and accessories. This guide explores the finest stores across Japan that offer exceptional kimono souvenirs like sneakers, tumblers, and even home decor.

Table of Contents

  1. Handmade Kimono Tumblers by Asakusa Tatsumiya
  2. Tokyo Kimono Shoes: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity
  3. Wonder Fabric’s Kimono Caps: Everyday Elegance
  4. Kimono Arts Sunaga: The Compact Elegance
  5. I was a Kimono: Chic Jewellery and Home Decor
  6. Relier81: Customizable Kimono Shoes
  7. Far East Fabric’s Versatile Kimono Shirts
  8. Edo Kimekomi Ningyo Pikachu: A Traditional Twist
  9. Scarves and Bags with a Touch of Kimono

Handmade Kimono Tumblers by Asakusa Tatsumiya

kimono tumbler

tumblers made from kimonos

Originating in Tokyo but admired nationwide, Asakusa Tatsumiya has been a prominent kimono retailer for more than 80 years. It has adapted to modern demands with handmade kimono tumblers that make a perfect, practical souvenir. These tumblers are adorned with high-quality Nishijin-ori silk fabrics from Kyoto, each meticulously designed and priced between ¥6,000 to ¥30,000.

Tokyo Kimono Shoes: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

kimono shoes

sneakers made using kimono fabric

Another Tokyo-based gem that's caught national attention is Tokyo Kimono Shoes. They specialize in transforming unused silk kimonos into uniquely designed sneakers. These shoes are 100% crafted in Japan and combine authentic Japanese silk kimono fabric with genuine Japanese leather.

Wonder Fabric’s Kimono Caps: Everyday Elegance

kimono baseball hat

kimono baseball cap

Wonder Fabric offers an ingenious solution for incorporating the allure of kimonos into daily life. These caps, made from upcycled kimono and obi-sash fabric, are a modern wardrobe essential. Each cap is unique, thanks to the limited amount of fabric in each piece of kimono.

Kimono Arts Sunaga: The Compact Elegance

handmade kimono crafts

handmade kimono accessories

This store showcases a range of crafts and ornaments made from recycled kimono material. From adorable coin pouches and eyeglass holders to colorful handbags and cardholders, Kimono Arts Sunaga makes it possible to carry a piece of kimono artistry with you wherever you go.

I was a Kimono: Chic Jewellery and Home Decor

kimono jewelry

jewelry made from kimonos

Founded by Cristina Morini Sumi, who passionately combines antiques and Japanese culture, I was a Kimono upcycles used kimono into stunning fashion accessories and home decorations. From Christmas baubles draped with unique fabrics to earrings and necklaces made from kimono-covered beads, this brand is a treasure trove of creativity.

Relier81: Customizable Kimono Shoes

women's shoes made from kimono

shoes made from kimono fabric

For those seeking something a little more exclusive, Kyoto-based Relier81 offers customizable shoes crafted from upcycled kimono and obi fabrics. From chic mules to summery sandals, Relier81 lets you turn your unused obi or kimono into the exact pair of shoes you desire.

Far East Fabric’s Versatile Kimono Shirts

kimono button up shirt

shirts made of kimono fabric

Based in Fukuoka, Far East Fabric provides a wearable alternative to traditional kimonos. Their range includes one-of-a-kind shirts, vests, and blazers made from unworn kimono fabric. These garments offer a touch of kimono elegance that pairs seamlessly with everyday wear like jeans and dress pants.

Edo Kimekomi Ningyo Pikachu: A Traditional Twist

Pikachu doll

Pikachu doll made with kimono fabric

Tokyo-based doll-maker Mataro crafts kimekomi dolls dressed in exquisite kimono fabric, offering a modern-day spin on an age-old technique. Their unique Pikachu doll, made from floral fabric, serves as a delightful intersection between traditional Japanese culture and pop culture. Scarves and Bags with a Touch of Kimono

kimono fabric scarf

Silk scarf made of vintage kimono fabric has mastered the art of creating scarves and bags from kimono fabric. These items bring the intricate designs and meticulous craftsmanship of traditional kimonos into contemporary fashion. The luxurious scarves can add a pop of authenticity to any outfit, while their bags offer a fashionable way to integrate the beauty of kimonos into everyday life.

By curating your own collection of these superb kimono souvenirs, you bring a piece of Japan's storied culture and history into your life. Whether it's a pair of sneakers or a handmade tumbler, each item encapsulates the essence of Japan in a single, exceptional product.

A Journey Across Japan through Kimono Souvenirs

As you traverse the various regions of Japan, each with its own distinct culture and tradition, you'll find that the range of kimono-inspired products reflects this diversity. From the elegance of Kyoto's tea ceremonies reflected in our custom clothing and accessories at Kimono to the bustling modernity of Tokyo captured in the innovative designs of Tokyo Kimono Shoes, each item tells a story.

Experience the Seasonal Splendors

Japan's four seasons, each distinct and beautiful in its own way, also have an impact on kimono designs. Many of these kimono souvenirs incorporate seasonal motifs, making them the perfect gifts to bring back from your trip. Be it cherry blossoms for spring or crimson maple leaves for autumn, the seasonal variations add an extra layer of meaning to these already exquisite items.

Quality Over Quantity

Unlike mass-produced souvenirs, these kimono-inspired products value quality over quantity. Craftsmen and designers pour hours of meticulous work into each piece, ensuring that you're taking home not just a memento, but a piece of Japanese art. This high level of craftsmanship is what sets these items apart, making them worthy of their sometimes higher price tags.

Where to Shop?

Apart from the specific shops mentioned above, various other outlets and online stores across Japan offer a wide range of kimono-inspired products. Flea markets, department stores, and specialized boutiques also provide ample opportunities for finding that perfect kimono souvenir.

Final Thoughts

From tumblers and sneakers to chic scarves and bags, the variety of souvenirs made from kimono fabric or accessories lets you bring a part of Japan home with you. Each item represents a fusion of Japan's rich heritage and modern lifestyle, making it a cherished possession or an ideal gift for loved ones.

While traditional kimonos can be both expensive and challenging to wear, these ingenious products offer a more accessible way to enjoy the beauty and craftsmanship of Japanese culture. And with companies like revolutionizing the way we think about kimonos by turning them into contemporary scarves and bags, the age-old tradition of kimono artistry is taking on new life in the modern world.

With so many options, the only challenge is choosing which piece of this rich tradition you'd like to take home with you. Regardless of your choice, you'll undoubtedly own a piece that embodies the essence of Japan — a blend of ancient tradition and innovative modernity.

Happy shopping and enjoy your journey through Japan’s diverse and fascinating culture!

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