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Kinu 絹 Kimono Artisan Scarf

Kinu 絹 Kimono Artisan Scarf

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Kimono Koi

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A Unique Statement

In a world where uniqueness is increasingly sought after, our Artisan Scarf offers an unparalleled expression of individuality. Crafted from vintage kimonos, obis, and nagajuban, each scarf is not merely a product, but a singular masterpiece with its own story, evoking the deep-seated cultural heritage of Japan.

Kimono scarf

Time-Honored Tradition Meets Modern Style

Our Artisan Scarf bridges the gap between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary fashion. The fabric, each piece a distinct artifact of bygone eras, is thoughtfully transformed by skilled artisans into a sophisticated accessory that encapsulates centuries of Japanese textile tradition. The juxtaposition of the scarf's timeless design and modern appeal captures the spirit of Kimono Koi's dedication to sustainable luxury.

woman wearing a kimono scarf

Product Details

Impeccably designed, our Artisan Scarf presents a dazzling array of intricate patterns and vibrant colors characteristic of kimonos, obis, and nagajuban. Each scarf is a testament to the quality and aesthetic of the vintage fabric from which it is created, resulting in a truly unique accessory. The dimensions are carefully chosen to provide versatility in wear. Its soft touch and comfortable feel make it a perfect addition to any wardrobe, bringing a touch of Japanese heritage to your everyday style.

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