Our Story

About Kimono Koi

Our Story

Welcome to Kimono Koi, where tradition meets luxury in the most exquisite way. At Kimono Koi, we are dedicated to crafting modern luxury clothing that celebrates the rich heritage of Japanese kimonos. By repurposing vintage and antique kimonos, we create unique, high-end pieces that honor traditional craftsmanship while appealing to contemporary tastes. Our mission is to bridge the past and the present, providing our customers with clothing that is both timeless and stylish.

Our Vision

Kimono Koi envisions a world where fashion transcends mere aesthetics, becoming a cultural journey that respects and revitalizes traditions. We aim to preserve the artistry of kimono-making by integrating these beautiful fabrics into modern designs, making them accessible and relevant for today's discerning fashion enthusiasts.

Our Commitment

We are committed to sustainability and ethical practices. By reusing vintage kimonos, we not only reduce waste but also breathe new life into these precious textiles, ensuring that the stories they carry are not forgotten. Each piece in our collection is a testament to the delicate balance between preserving cultural heritage and promoting innovative design.

Meet the Founders

Yuuka Higashira

Yuuka Higashira, the heart and soul behind Kimono Koi, hails from a quaint town in the serene countryside of Shiga. Her childhood was woven with threads of tradition and love, passed down from her grandmother's deep affection for kimonos. This inherited passion blossomed as Yuuka traveled and lived abroad, only to return to Japan with a renewed zeal to immerse herself in kimono culture. Her mission became clear: to share the timeless beauty of these garments with the world. As the co-founder and head of our Japan operations, Yuuka's intimate connection with kimonos and Japanese culture is the foundation of Kimono Koi. She ensures that each piece retains its authentic charm, embracing the imperfections and age that tell the story of its journey. The kimonos handed down by her grandmother hold a special place in her heart, embodying traditional motifs and matriarchal significance.

Matt Heron

Matt Heron, the visionary co-founder of Kimono Koi, traded his life as a professional musician in Canada for the rich cultural tapestry of Japan. Driven by a love for Japanese woodworking and the meticulous craftsmanship of traditional arts, Matt found himself captivated by the artistry of kimonos. His journey of discovery led him to appreciate the intricate details and care that go into each creation. Encountering challenges in fully enjoying kimonos due to his height, and recognizing the cultural nuances for non-Japanese wearers, Matt envisioned a way to make these exquisite garments accessible to all. United by a shared passion, Matt and Yuuka, now married, brought Kimono Koi to life. As the brand’s manager outside Japan, Matt's expertise in brand building and product design guides our overseas operations. He artfully balances tradition and contemporary appeal, ensuring each piece reflects the timeless elegance of kimonos. Overcoming the challenge of finding skilled artisans, Matt is dedicated to preserving the true essence of the original fabrics, offering our customers unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Explore our collection and join us in celebrating the timeless beauty of Japanese kimonos, reimagined for today’s world.